about the company

The Commonwealth Classic Theatre Company is dedicated to the principle that theatre is a vital component in a civil society. Their mission is to produce classic and contemporary works that bear witness to the rich variety and commonality of human experience and enhance the appreciation of theatre as a humanizing art form through live performances, workshops, readings and educational programs throughout the community.

While the heart of CCTC is classic plays, they also look to produce contemporary and new works that have something important to say that is universal in theme. Their work emphasizes the power of language, delivering characters and stories that lead the audience on a compelling journey into the "now" of the play. Their goal is to create theatre that encourages the audience to contemplate the complexity of the human experience, celebrating individuality while recognizing and enhancing what is common in the human condition. Most importantly, they hope to entertain, to engage, and to inspire the audience through the communal experience of theatre.



Kimberton Park Amphitheater

2214 Kimberton Rd

Phoenixville, PA 19460



Seating is not provided by the park. Please bring blankets and/or beach chairs with low backs. Those with lawn chairs and high-backed chairs are asked to be considerate and set up in areas a little farther back. We want you to get as close as you can to the performance area, but please stay on the other side of the ‘footlights’ and watch small children around electrical equipment and hot lights.


We encourage bringing a picnic to enjoy before or during the performance.  Please be sure you've checked out any posted rules and regulations for Kimberton, as they do not allow alcoholic beverages or beverages in glass containers. As always, take out what you bring in. Help keep our park clean!


Rain, rain, go away…The safety of the company and our audience is paramount. If weather is wet or threatening, we may not be able to perform outside. Please check our website or voicemail on the day of the performance if weather conditions are "iffy". We attempt to make a final call by 5pm on show days. 

Unfortunately, if we are caught out in the rain or a thunderstorm, the performance will be halted. A short soaking rain or lightning that continues will cancel the performance. The final call will be made by CCTC’s Production Manager and the venue leader. We encourage you to come to the rain date, or another CCTC performance later in the season if we are not able to continue.

I can’t hear you! While we do have some enhanced sound, we do not provide hearing aids or other personal hearing devices. The actors are professionals and there are some microphones placed near the performance area and speakers place out and around the audience seating area. While we can’t turn the sound up, we do invite you to tune in and ‘actively’ listen! It is worth the effort!

Stop bugging me! Mosquitoes, ants, and other insects may not like the Theatre but they do like people…and food. Please take precautions. 

I can’t find my purse – and where did the kids go!  We want you to enjoy the experience of outdoor theatre but please be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your personal property and younger children.